When mistress Ava managed to get this guy to wear a dick lock, she knew she now had a chance to dominate him and she did not shy away from it. She then teased him to make his dick bigger. She was sure that the cock cage would not expand to fit the dick and she had fun torturing him as his dick expanded. He felt pain and tried in vain not to get aroused at what she did.

Mistress Deviant was afraid of her husband cheating because she had seen others cheating. She became so jealous and insecure to the point that she had to find a way to control her husband. So the mistress made the guy wear a chastity device whenever he went out and she only removed it when he came back home. And she hid the key whenever he stepped out of the house.

This slave was new but that did not mean that he would not be punished by mistress Ava. She did not care about what he felt. She was only interested in what she wanted and what she wanted was to degrade him so that he would learn to fear him and to respect him. All in all, she wanted to be obeyed and all her instructions carried out to the letter.

This guy was not going to wear the dick lock this mistress had for him and she knew that she had to make it look attractive to him. That is what she did as she used it to play with her boobs. The guy loved seeing it on her boobs and he agreed to wear it and that is when he realized he had agreed to his own entrapment as she hid the chastity key after that rendering his dick almost useless.

Lady Naomi is a hot girl and she loves to show off her hot body and to drive guys wild. But today she wanted to punish her boyfriend and she did it with her chastity key. The mistress got him to wear the device and then she teased him. His dick became hard and could not fit in the device and it hurt him. That was his punishment together with the fact that she hid the chastity key and let him wear the dick lock for days.

Madame Marissa's boyfriend was a little too horny and she knew that if she was not around, there were chances he might fuck someone else. Or he would go into a lot of masturbation. None of it sounded good for her so she came up with a solution and this solution involved using chastity femdom to do it. He was made to wear it and she controlled how long he wore it as she had the key.

Lady Shay wanted to teach her boyfriend a lesson so she did what she does best and she made him wear a dick lock. At the same time, she also gave him a pocket pussy for him to use to cum whenever she removed the chastity device. She was punishing him and it was going to take some time before she allowed him to touch her pussy again. Even the pocket pussy was not going to be frequent.

Mistress Deviant wanted to get even with her boyfriend and she did it with her chastity key fetish. The mistress had a great time making him wear the device and it was after he had worn it that he realized what she was doing. She now controlled him and she let him wear it for nearly a month and he could not use his dick for anything other than peeing. He had to beg her to remove it and that was when she felt they were even as he had played a prank on her too.

Mistress Mayhem wanted to control her boyfriend and so she turned to chastity control. She used a chastity key to do it and in no time, she had his dick caged and he could not do anything about. The mistress even used her big tits to tease him and when he got a hard-on, he realized that he needed her to remove it for him to do anything with his dick. He regretted and agreed to follow her instructions and her rules so as not to have him dick caged again.

Lady Naomi wanted to torture this guy and she did it with her chastity key fetish. The mistress went ahead to force him to wear the chastity key and when he had done so, she had fun teasing him. He loved what he saw but as he got a hard-on, he realized his dick was caged and he could not move about freely or do anything with it and that was when his troubles started.

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