Mistress Isabella wanted to get a good deal so she used this chastity key to bargain. The first part was the hardest and that was when she got him to wear the chastity device. She had to use her hot looks as well as her naughtiness to get him to wear it before she got him to do what she wanted, which was to agree to her terms and conditions.

This mistress wanted to use her chastity key to make some money and the best way she knew how to do it was to use it to blackmail him. She used her sexy charm to make him wear it but when it came to removing it, he had to pay her to give him access to the key so that he would remove it. Otherwise, he was going to get hurt and wear it for a long time.

Princess Serena loves being naughty and there is nothing fun related that she will not try once and do again if she likes it. Today the mistress was trying chastity fetish and she had a great time with it. It was the kind of fun she had been eyeing for a long time and she managed to enjoy herself as she used her hot body to get this guy to wear a chastity device and she hid the chastity key and got him get humiliated and tortured for a little while.

Lady Anja had made this guy wear a chastity device and it was all fun until the time came for him to take it out. The mistress had teased him and he wanted to fuck her but he could not as he had a dick lock. He wanted it removed but she pretended she had lost the key. They looked for it and could not find and the guy panicked. She let him get scared for a few hours before she pretended to find it.

Goddess Lena does not have boyfriend issues. But her friend had and she wanted her help. She asked her to help her and the mistress agreed to help her. Goddess Lena asked the mistress to bring her boyfriend to her house and she would do the rest. When the mistress came with the boyfriend, the mistress forced him to wear a chastity device and the chastity key remained with the mistress.

Mistress Gabriela could tell that this guy was horny and he needed to get laid. So she took advantage of that and she teased him. The mistress turned him on and she got him begging her to fuck him. But she waited until his dick became soft and she told him to wear a dick lock before she turned him on again and this time it hurt him as he got a hard on.

Goddess Mel is a jealous mistress. She knew that her boyfriend was hot and she did not want to share him with anyone. She was paranoid that he would cheat on her and she made him wear a chastity device so that he would not be able to do anything without her being there. He was shocked at what she asked him to do and she did it without considering his feelings.

Mistress Xenia did not know that this guy was as gullible as he was. Because she was hot, she was able to make him do crazy things. He did not imagine that it would turn from being a fun session to one which was painful for him. The mistress got him to wear a chastity device and then she teased him. He got turned on and as his dick got larger, it hurt him.

Mistress Emily likes to do crazy things. She likes it to be a challenge and that is why she likes complex things like making a guy agree to wear a cock lock. The mistress was sure that she was not going to succeed unless she found a way to turn on the guy and have him think it was mutual and that she was making him to have more fun than he had ever imagined.

When mistress Lexi was asked by her friend how to tame a boyfriend, the mistress did not mince her words. She told her friend to make sure she had control over her boyfriend's dick. The girl did not know how to do that and mistress Lexi showed her how to do it. The mistress told her to buy a chastity device and make her man wear it and then hide the key.

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