Mistress Venus was told about the chastity key and she wanted to know more about it. She chose to try it and she used it on a loser before she used it on her boyfriend. She wanted to understand it fully before she used it on her man. She loved how she was able to torture the guy with the device and by teasing and denying him. She loved it so much that she used it on her boyfriend.

Goddess Mary has a lovely ass. And she knows it. And she loves to use it to humiliate and dominate. She felt a little bit naughty today so she used it to humiliate this guy. She knew he had a crush on her so she took advantage of it and she made him wear a chastity device. She then proceeded to tease him and he was hurt after he wore it.

Mistress Tiffany found out that her slave had messed up and she was not happy about it. She chose to teach him a lesson that she knew he would not forget. She made it a little bit sexual. She undressed him and she undressed herself. She then teased him but after he had worn a cock lock. She hid the chastity key and she watched him get tortured as he struggled to contain his erection while looking at her hot and sexy body and getting hurt because the dick lock did not have room for his expanding penis.

Lady Stefanie felt that her boyfriend did not do take her seriously when she asked him to stop flirting with girls all the time. She chose to punish him in order for him to see that she was serious about it. She did it by torturing him using a cock lock. She made him wear it and then she hid the chastity key. He could not even get a hard on as it was painful. He was only able to pee.

Princess Serena loves using chastity devices to dominate losers she feels need to be punished. She knows it is easy to tease them with her hot body and that is what she did today. She made this loser wear the device and then she turned him on. He was hurt as he got a hard-on yet the device did not have an allowance for his dick. She had fun watching him try to get his dick soft yet she was almost naked in front of him.

Mistress Tiffany knew her boyfriend had a high sex drive and she was going away for work for a long time. She did not want him cheating on her so she got him to wear a dick lock. She hid the chastity key so that he would never find it and unchain himself from the bondage she had put him in. And that is how she made sure he did not cheat until she came back.

Lady Stefanie and her friend did not like how obsessed with masturbation their slave was. They had to do something to make sure he stopped. So they made him wear the chastity device. He had to wear the dick lock and when he did for the first time, they teased him to make it hurt. They also whipped his dick while he wore the penis lock. They then hid the chastity key and let him stay with it for a while knowing well he could not jerk off.

Princess Serena enjoys messing around. She loves to try different things and since she knows she is hot, she finds it easy to get guys to do what she wants them to do for her enjoyment. She tricked this guy into wearing a chastity device. She had the key in her hand and she did not give it to him when he needed it to open the device and release his trapped dick.

Mistress Loana wanted to punish her boyfriend. He had messed up and she wanted to teach him a lesson. She chose to make him wear a chastity device. And when he had worn it, she teased him with her gorgeous ass and with her naughty moves and she made him feel pain as he got an erection while wearing the chastity device. She had hidden the chastity key and she let him suffer.

Mistress Tiffany Naylor and her friends wanted to try chastity fetish. They went and bought one each and they learned how to use them. They wanted to use them to dominate their boyfriends so that they could get them to submit to them. The mistresses hatched a clever plot which they went ahead to execute at the expense of their clueless boyfriends. The mistresses enjoyed themselves and got together to compare notes.

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