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Princess Serena knew that she needed to get some info and especially some secrets from this loser and she did that by forcing him to tell her everything she wanted to know. The mistress did this after she had made him wear a chastity device and then let him know what exactly it was and what it did. He was scared of not using his dick again and he told her.

Princess Serena had some unfinished business with her ex. And much as she was done with him and she did not want him back, she knew she had to do some things to him to get full closure. So she used her naughtiness which he had a weakness for to make him wear a chastity device. And she used it to dominate and control him after she hid the key.

Princess Serena loves being naughty and there is nothing fun related that she will not try once and do again if she likes it. Today the mistress was trying chastity fetish and she had a great time with it. It was the kind of fun she had been eyeing for a long time and she managed to enjoy herself as she used her hot body to get this guy to wear a chastity device and she hid the chastity key and got him get humiliated and tortured for a little while.

Princess Serena wanted to degrade this loser so she did it with her chastity device. She used it to gain total control over him and force him to practice chastity. The princess laughed at how scared he looked and how he begged her for mercy. She ignored him and went on doing her thing so that she would achieve what she set out to achieve when she set out to punish him.

Princess Serena had asked this guy to wear a dick lock but he did not. She did not like the fact that he had refused a direct order and she had to do something about it. So she resolved to punish him and she did it by whipping him. The whipping was to also make him agree to wear the dick lock. She did not want to tease him to get him to wear it. He wore it after the whipping.

Princess Serena knew this loser had never worn a dick lock before and she wanted to use it to humiliate him. The mistress lied to him that it was going to make him a stud and they would have a lot of fun as a result. He agreed but he knew it was a trap immediately he had worn it. She locked the chastity device and she hid the key then she watched as he helplessly tried to remove it. To make it worse, she teased him with her super gorgeous body and he got hurt as he got a hard on.

Princess Serena loves using chastity devices to dominate losers she feels need to be punished. She knows it is easy to tease them with her hot body and that is what she did today. She made this loser wear the device and then she turned him on. He was hurt as he got a hard-on yet the device did not have an allowance for his dick. She had fun watching him try to get his dick soft yet she was almost naked in front of him.

Princess Serena enjoys messing around. She loves to try different things and since she knows she is hot, she finds it easy to get guys to do what she wants them to do for her enjoyment. She tricked this guy into wearing a chastity device. She had the key in her hand and she did not give it to him when he needed it to open the device and release his trapped dick.

Princess Serena has an ass to die for. She loves to flirt and to tease with it and today she did it to torture her boyfriend. She knew he had a thing for her ass and he got an immediate erection when he thought about it let alone see her gyrate. She had made him wear a chastity device earlier and she was teasing him so that he could get an erection and get hurt by the device.

Princess Serena has an ass to die for and she knows it. She likes to take advantage of it to do various things. Today she felt like using it to try chastity fetish. She had a lot of fun teasing him and she got him to agree to wear the chastity device. Once he had worn it, she had a lot of fun humiliating him and enjoying seeing him get hurt as he got a hard-on.

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