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Goddess Lena wanted to make some good money from this chastity slave. The guy was taken by surprise at what the mistress chose to do to him. She had taken out her huge dildo and warned that she would use it to dominate him and punish him. He was told that he had to wear a chastity device or else she would cruelly use the dildo up hos butt. He agreed.

Lady Despina was desperate to control her boyfriend because she did not want to lose him to other bitches. So she used every means at her disposal to control him so that she could have him to herself. That is how today she chose to try chastity femdom. She had him wear a device and when he had, she hid the chastity key knowing she controlled his sexuality and so he would not cheat on her.

Lady Stefanie wanted to make sure her husband would remain chaste. She did not want him to fall for any temptation so she made him wear a chastity device. And she hid the key so that he would not be able to use his dick other than to pee. It would be used for sexual purposes only when she was around and it was with her and with her permission.

Goddess Lena wanted her husband to beg her to open his chastity device. She had used her seductive charm to make him wear it but after he had done so, he realized that it was a trap and that he was now wholly dependent on her sexually because he could not open it or do anything with it other than to pee. She laughed at him and made him pay her to open it.

Mistress Fiona wanted to test whether the chastity device she had made this guy wear was working. So she removed her clothes and remained with her bra and a g-string. She then showed off her hot ass as well as her nice tits. The guy was turned on and she took his dick and she played with it while he wore the device. It hurt him as his dick expanded and he could not do anything as he was wearing it. She knew it worked.

Mistress Ava loves to mess with guys and today she did it with her big tits and a plastic chastity device. She placed it between her tits and she had the guy take it from her tits with his mouth. She then got him to wear it and he was ok with it until she teased him and he felt pain as his dick got harder. That was when he realized he had been played.

Mistress Saida wanted to try some naughty things and she settled on chastity fetish. She wanted to make sure that she had an easy time doing it so she asked this guy while she teased him and showed off her big tits. He was turned on and he did not notice how she took control of him and she made him do all the things she wanted such as him wearing a cock lock. Then she messed with him for her fun.

Lady Anja is persuasive and that is what she used to make this guy agree to wear her chastity device. She then teased him with her hot body and as he got a hard on, his expanding dick had nowhere to expand to and he started to feel pain. He had to try and avoid looking at her even though she looked absolutely gorgeous as she gyrated and flirted with him.

Mistress Ava knows how to tease and once she brings out her charm, it is hard for anyone to resist her. And that is what she did today as she had this guy wear the chastity device she had brought for him. He mistook what she was doing with foreplay and he wore it thinking it would lead to sex but he realized it was a way for her to control him.

Goddess Nika wanted to test the efficacy of the chastity key. So the mistress waited until she was pissed by her boyfriend then she got him to wear the chastity device. The mistress then made him watch as she pleased herself by rubbing her clit and playing with her tits. The mistress enjoyed seeing how he was hurt when he started to get a hard on. He struggled to remove it but she had hidden the key.

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