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Mistress Liesa wanted this guy to change and she made sure that he did. This was through forcing him to wear her chastity device and to do all the kinds of things that she wanted him to do. It was cruel and it was dominating but that is exactly what she wanted and it worked out as it got the guy to make the necessary changes she wanted him to make.

Lady Victoria was out to dominate this guy and she did it with her chastity device. She had him wear the device and this was after she had teased him a little to not only get him in the mood, but also to control him and make him agree to whatever she wanted. It worked out and was a lot of fun for her. But it was the opposite for him.

Goddess Kira wanted to find a way to control this guy and she did it with her chastity key. It was a lot of fun for her and she had a great time doing it. The mistress wanted something which was easy for her and she found it in the chastity key. She had him wear a chastity device and when she was done having him wear it, she hid the chastity key and controlled him.

Madam Mysteria wanted to dominate this guy and she wanted to use chastity key as she had always wanted to try it. She had practiced it so that she could perfect it and then when she was ok with it, she would do it to a loser. She felt confident in her skills and today she chose to use her chastity key to dominate her slave. She let it hurt him and she hid the key.

Mistress Yara was out to tame this guy and she did not hesitate to do so. All that she wanted was to have the guy wear the device and for her to hide the key so that he would not have it easy unlocking it. The mistress had a great time at the guy's expense and she made sure that it all happened her way. She managed to tame him.

With her chastity key, mistress Morrigan was able to control this guy. She did not care what he felt. All she did was to have him wear a chastity device which she lied to him would stiffen his dick and he would fuck her hard and give her crazy orgasms. He agreed. But instead of that, it gave her control over him as she hid the keys to the device.

Mistress Valentina wanted to try something she had not tried before as she had the time on her hands to do it. So she went online and as she searched, chastity femdom got her excited and she wanted to try it. It was a lot of fun as she researched further and she knew that she wanted to try it. So she went and bought a chastity device and a chastity key and plotted how to use them on a loser.

Mistress Tatjana and her friend wanted to get all the benefits of messing around with this guy without giving him what they received from him. So the mistresses had him wear a chastity device and they hid the chastity key. Thereafter, he was made to lick their pussies and their asses. He had to do it until they orgasmed but the mistresses did not reciprocate what he did to them and in fact he was in pain and was humiliated when his dick tightened around the device.

This mistress has an amazing ass. She used it to entice this guy and had him wear a chastity device he would not have agreed to wear had it not been for her gorgeous ass. He wanted to fuck her brains out and thought that wearing it would make that dream come true. But it did not as the mistress had fun at his expense. The device hurt his dick as he got a hard-on while she was masturbating in his presence. But he defied his pain and the excitement got the better of him and he had an orgasm without penetration or masturbation.

Mistress Saida wanted to try things she had never tried before on this guy. That is why she teased the guy and she had him think that she had some insane and naughty things to do with him. But it turned out that she was just interested in having fun at his expense and did not care about anything else. That is why she chose to tease him with a dildo and then make him wear a chastity device for her to control him better.

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