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Mistress Van Licks wanted to immobilize this guy and she proceeded to do it the best way she knew how. She had been told by her friend that it would be better for her to use the chastity key to do it so she bought a chastity device, had him wear it and then she hid the key and had fun watching him struggle to get it out. When he could not, he agreed to submit to her.

Lady Stefanie knew how much this guy loved to use his dick. And she knew that the best way to dominate him was to use the chastity key fetish. So she bought a chastity device and she made him wear it. She went ahead to hide the key and she made sure that she let him get humiliated and in pain before she asked him to give her the info she wanted.

When this mistress needed money, she knew that the best way to get it was to use this guy. So she went out of her way to make him wear a chastity device. The mistress was sure he would not want to keep wearing it and since she would hide the key, he would have to pay her to remove it. That is exactly what she did to the guy.

Mistress Gaia had gotten this guy to wear a chastity device. He thought it would all get sexual but it did not. The mistress did not even do much to deny him. After she hid the chastity key, she turned him on with her hot body and when he got a hard on, the chastity device hurt him as it wound tightly on his dick. He forgot about wanting her.

This mistress loves to try new things and to make people experience things they had never experienced before. That is why she went out of her way to help her man get orgasms he had never had before. He was fairly adventurous and had tried many things. But he had never tried chastity femdom. So she had him wear a chastity device and with a little pain from her part, she was able to make him gave a glorious orgasm.

Mistress Dana wanted to control this guy and she eventually did it. She managed to convince him to wear a chastity device and she locked it. Once he had worn it, she knew her work was done as she now controlled him. He realized this when he tried to get it off. It did not work and he had to do what she wanted and that is how she controlled him.

This mistress was tired of how her man asked her to be more kinky in bed. He watched porn and he wanted her to do what he saw there. She decided to do it today. So she bought a strapon and a chastity device. He was made to wear the device and she facesat him before she dipped her pussy in his hard cock but only briefly before removing it and fucking the dildo that was attached to his face. He loved what she did but he wanted her to ride him which she did not do.

Goddess Nika wanted some of the money she knew this guy had but would never give her. She did not bother asking as she knew he would never give any of it to her. She did not want to borrow either as she knew the answer. That is why she chose to blackmail him and she did this after she had teased him and flirted with him and gotten him to wear a dick lock. She hid the chastity key and blackmailed him to open it.

Lady Stefanie knew that her boobs were a people magnet especially men. And since she wanted this guy to wear her chastity device, she gave him the promise of boob action and he loved it and he did not think twice about it. That is how she took advantage of him and she got him to wear the device. She then hid the key and tormented him for fun as he could not get it off.

When mistress Lola realized that this guy was not all that he had claimed to be, she knew she could not trust him. And that is why she went out of her way to dominate him and have fun at his expense. The mistress turned him into her chastity slave and she had him do the things that the mistress wanted. He was made to wear a chastity device and do all manner of humiliating things.

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