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Lady Victoria did not want to let her ex continue down the path he was on. She had to find a way to deal with him and the best way for her was to use her cock cage to dominate him. He thought that she was trying to be freaky until he realized what she was doing and then he freaked out but by then it was too late for him.

Mistress Van Licks wanted to immobilize this guy and she proceeded to do it the best way she knew how. She had been told by her friend that it would be better for her to use the chastity key to do it so she bought a chastity device, had him wear it and then she hid the key and had fun watching him struggle to get it out. When he could not, he agreed to submit to her.

Goddess Kira wanted to find a way to control this guy and she did it with her chastity key. It was a lot of fun for her and she had a great time doing it. The mistress wanted something which was easy for her and she found it in the chastity key. She had him wear a chastity device and when she was done having him wear it, she hid the chastity key and controlled him.

Lady Stefanie was interested in dominating this guy and the best option available to her was to use her chastity device to do it. She did not bother thinking too much about it and she made sure that she humiliated him in a way he had never expected for it to happen. He wished things had been different but for now, he had to wear a dick lock and she hid the chastity key rendering his dick almost useless.

Mistress Nyx wanted to dominate this guy and to punish him for the wrong things he had done. She did not waste any time in dealing with him and she made sure that he felt the pain and humiliation that she wanted him to feel. The guy never messed with her after she made him wear a chastity device and it hurt him like it had never hurt him before.

Mistress Gaia always likes to have her way and that is what happened today. The mistress wanted this guy to learn to obey her because she felt that he did not. And she did not want to beg him to do so. The mistress instead turned to her chastity device which she had him wear and she hid the chastity key before she enjoyed making fun of the guy and making him agree to do things her way.

Mistress Valentina wanted to get some secrets from this guy. So she used her sexy body, her big tits as well as her chastity fetish to get it. The mistress teased the guy and had him wear the device then she teased him to get the info. She did not get what she wanted so she used her the chastity key to get what she wanted as he could not imagine being stuck with the device.

Lady Despina and her friend wanted to try chastity fetish. But it did not work out the way they wanted. They had thought it would be easy but they realized that they had to get the guy to wear the chastity device and that was a tricky subject. After he had worn it, then they actually had fun as they teased him and turned him on for it to hurt him as he got a hard on.

Mistress Dana needed to cage her boyfriend's cock because she did not trust him. She actually does not trust anyone so when she is in a relationship, she has to use a dick lock to make sure that her man is faithful. She was going away for a family function and she needed to ensure that he remained faithful. So she made him wear the device and she hid the chastity key.

This mistress has an amazing ass. She used it to entice this guy and had him wear a chastity device he would not have agreed to wear had it not been for her gorgeous ass. He wanted to fuck her brains out and thought that wearing it would make that dream come true. But it did not as the mistress had fun at his expense. The device hurt his dick as he got a hard-on while she was masturbating in his presence. But he defied his pain and the excitement got the better of him and he had an orgasm without penetration or masturbation.

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