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Mistress Nyx wanted to dominate this guy and to punish him for the wrong things he had done. She did not waste any time in dealing with him and she made sure that he felt the pain and humiliation that she wanted him to feel. The guy never messed with her after she made him wear a chastity device and it hurt him like it had never hurt him before.

Mistress Gaia always likes to have her way and that is what happened today. The mistress wanted this guy to learn to obey her because she felt that he did not. And she did not want to beg him to do so. The mistress instead turned to her chastity device which she had him wear and she hid the chastity key before she enjoyed making fun of the guy and making him agree to do things her way.

Mistress Claudia had to tame her husband because she felt that he was going to misbehave and she did not want him to do that. So she forced the husband to wear a chastity device before he went anywhere without her and especially when he went out of town for work. She was safer knowing that he would not use his dick for anything else other than peeing. And she had the key.

Lady Karame was tired of being asked by her friend for advice on how to deal with her philandering husband. The mistress showed her friend how to deal with such a guy and she told him to watch and learn so that she did not go crying to her to ask what to do to her husband. The mistress then went ahead to lock the guy's dick using a chastity device. She told her friend that it was meant to keep the guy faithful as she was the only one with the chastity key and the only thing he could do without her was to pee.

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