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Lady Victoria was out to dominate this guy and she did it with her chastity device. She had him wear the device and this was after she had teased him a little to not only get him in the mood, but also to control him and make him agree to whatever she wanted. It worked out and was a lot of fun for her. But it was the opposite for him.

This mistress wanted to get this guy to cum and she did that by teasing him using her chastity device. The mistress got him to watch what she did and she told him to try and do what he saw her so. She had the device on her hand and played with it as he was to play with his dick. He did it and in no time, he came.

Mistress Tatjana and her friend wanted to get all the benefits of messing around with this guy without giving him what they received from him. So the mistresses had him wear a chastity device and they hid the chastity key. Thereafter, he was made to lick their pussies and their asses. He had to do it until they orgasmed but the mistresses did not reciprocate what he did to them and in fact he was in pain and was humiliated when his dick tightened around the device.

Goddess Lena loves to blackmail people and today was one such day. She did not care what the guy felt as long as he did what she asked. She blackmailed him and got him to wear female clothes especially lingerie after which he had to wear a chastity device and she hid the key scaring the shit out of him in the process. He cried before she let him go.

Goddess Lena wanted money from this loser and when she did not get it, she knew it was time for her to force the loser to give it to her. She used the chastity key to get it. She teased the guy and she made him think that she wanted to fuck him and she was being naughty. He wore the cock lock and thought it would be fun but he was shocked when it hurt him as his dick got hard. She only helped to remove it when he gave her the money.

When lady Rockabella realized that her boss was intent on seducing her and doing inappropriate things with her, she tried to warn him and tell him that it was unethical. When he did not stop, she had to come up with a different way to do things and she chose to make him wear a chastity device before she teased him and he got hurt as he got a stiffie and the cock lock hurt his dick.

Mistress Isabella did not want her slave to bring girls to her house when she was not around since she traveled a lot. So she used her chastity fetish to make sure that never happened. The mistress got the loser to wear it and then she teased him a little knowing he would get turned on and be hurt by the device as his dick got hard. She laughed at him and hid the key.

Lady Shay got her boyfriend to wear a chastity device and he thought it was fun for them and would make their sex life great. But he soon realized it was a control tool for her as she used it to control his sex life and also to make him do things that she wanted. She only removed it when she wanted to fuck him herself. Otherwise it stayed on.

Lady Anja loves to hide behind her beauty to dominate and have fun at the expense of guys who are gullible enough to fall for her crazy experiments. She wanted this guy to try chastity femdom so she made him wear a chastity device and the poor guy did not know the trouble he had gotten himself into as she hit the chastity key and she teased him to get him to have a hard-on while wearing the dick lock.

Lady Stefanie saw this chastity device and she knew she had found a way to torture this loser. She had a lot of fun humiliating him with it. She could tell he had never been punished using the dick lock and she laughed her head off at his reaction. She lied to him that she would crush his balls and his cock and destroy his seed and he peed himself.

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