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Lady Victoria did not want to let her ex continue down the path he was on. She had to find a way to deal with him and the best way for her was to use her cock cage to dominate him. He thought that she was trying to be freaky until he realized what she was doing and then he freaked out but by then it was too late for him.

Lady Victoria was out to dominate this guy and she did it with her chastity device. She had him wear the device and this was after she had teased him a little to not only get him in the mood, but also to control him and make him agree to whatever she wanted. It worked out and was a lot of fun for her. But it was the opposite for him.

This mistress wanted to get this guy to cum and she did that by teasing him using her chastity device. The mistress got him to watch what she did and she told him to try and do what he saw her so. She had the device on her hand and played with it as he was to play with his dick. He did it and in no time, he came.

Mistress Zephy wanted to give this guy the experience and orgasm of a lifetime. That is why she chose to make the guy wear a chastity device before she facesat on him. She turned him on and slowly licked his dick which was tightly caged in a chastity and it gave him a powerful orgasm as she facesat on him and had her wet pussy on his face and her mouth on the top of his penis.

Mistress BlackDiamoond loves to torture guys for her own fun and this is especially so to assholes who deserve it. She found this guy being a complete asshole to an elderly couple and she knew she had found a good candidate for her cock cage. She hunted him down and flirted with him. He took the bait and she got him to wear a chastity device before she teased him and let him hurt in it and used it to teach him to stop being a dick.

Goddess Lena wanted money from this loser and when she did not get it, she knew it was time for her to force the loser to give it to her. She used the chastity key to get it. She teased the guy and she made him think that she wanted to fuck him and she was being naughty. He wore the cock lock and thought it would be fun but he was shocked when it hurt him as his dick got hard. She only helped to remove it when he gave her the money.

When lady Rockabella realized that her boss was intent on seducing her and doing inappropriate things with her, she tried to warn him and tell him that it was unethical. When he did not stop, she had to come up with a different way to do things and she chose to make him wear a chastity device before she teased him and he got hurt as he got a stiffie and the cock lock hurt his dick.

Goddess Nika wanted to test the efficacy of the chastity key. So the mistress waited until she was pissed by her boyfriend then she got him to wear the chastity device. The mistress then made him watch as she pleased herself by rubbing her clit and playing with her tits. The mistress enjoyed seeing how he was hurt when he started to get a hard on. He struggled to remove it but she had hidden the key.

Goddess Mel felt that this guy did not listen to her and she had to catch his attention if she wanted to pass the message she had for him. So the mistress used her chastity device to do that. He wore it thinking it was a kinky device for them both to enjoy but he was shocked when she locked it and she hid the key and used it to pass on her message as he was now attentive and wanted her to remove the device.

Lady Rockabella did not even have to entice her husband to wear a chastity device. She had taught him to be obedient and he was obedient to her today. The mistress then taught him how to wear a chastity device and he wore it after she was done instructing him how to go about it. For being a good boy, she teased him a little the way he liked it.

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