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This guy tried to treat mistress Ava like a hoe and she was pissed. But she kept her cool and she turned the guy on with her big tits and sexy ass. He wore a chastity device which gave her power over him and then she used the power it gave her to dominate him and degrade him. He was shocked and apologized but she did not care. He had to pay her to remove it.

When mistress Ava managed to get this guy to wear a dick lock, she knew she now had a chance to dominate him and she did not shy away from it. She then teased him to make his dick bigger. She was sure that the cock cage would not expand to fit the dick and she had fun torturing him as his dick expanded. He felt pain and tried in vain not to get aroused at what she did.

This slave was new but that did not mean that he would not be punished by mistress Ava. She did not care about what he felt. She was only interested in what she wanted and what she wanted was to degrade him so that he would learn to fear him and to respect him. All in all, she wanted to be obeyed and all her instructions carried out to the letter.

This guy had a sweet surprise when mistress Ava developed an interest in him. He thought it was his lucky day and that he was going to smash the shit out of her. But it did not happen as she teased him, made him malleable and then she caged his cock. She then sat back and watched as he struggled to remove it without hurting himself after she had made his dick hard and it hurt him as it got harder and had nowhere to expand to.

Mistress Ava loves to mess with guys and today she did it with her big tits and a plastic chastity device. She placed it between her tits and she had the guy take it from her tits with his mouth. She then got him to wear it and he was ok with it until she teased him and he felt pain as his dick got harder. That was when he realized he had been played.

Mistress Ava knows how to tease and once she brings out her charm, it is hard for anyone to resist her. And that is what she did today as she had this guy wear the chastity device she had brought for him. He mistook what she was doing with foreplay and he wore it thinking it would lead to sex but he realized it was a way for her to control him.

To make sure that her boyfriend behaved well, this mistress used her chastity femdom to scare him. She told him that she would make him wear the chastity device and that she would hide the key. To avoid that he had to behave well and avoid doing things that pissed her off. He was shocked at what she was ready to do and he behaved the way she had told him to.

Mistress Ava Black had time to spare and she used it to humiliate this guy. She made him wear female clothing and even hair. She then got him a chastity device but kept the chastity key. She went ahead to flirt with him and to tease him. She made him get a hard-on but the harder his cock got, the more pain he felt because of the device he was wearing.

Mistress Ava Black and her boyfriend had an argument about how he loved flirting with girls. She did not like it and she felt like he would cheat on her. To put the matter to rest, she gained total control over his dick by making him wear a chastity device. She, however, made sure that she lept the chastity key safe so that he would not open the device and fuck someone else.

Mistress Ava Black is a kinky girl. This guy knew it and he was prepared to do some dirty things with her. But he did not remember he had pissed her and had not apologized or made amends. She tricked him into wearing a chastity device and she then teased him and got him to feel pain because of the tight chastity device. She had hidden the chastity key as he begged her to open it.

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