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Lady Victoria was out to dominate this guy and she did it with her chastity device. She had him wear the device and this was after she had teased him a little to not only get him in the mood, but also to control him and make him agree to whatever she wanted. It worked out and was a lot of fun for her. But it was the opposite for him.

Mistress Saida knew that her husband had mad sexy appeal and she did not want to struggle with his faithfulness. To tame him and ensure his fidelity to her, she chose to make him wear a chastity device and she hid the chastity key. The mistress had to get her way and by the time she was done with him, she was sure he would never cheat on her as she had the key.

Mistress Valentina wanted to get some secrets from this guy. So she used her sexy body, her big tits as well as her chastity fetish to get it. The mistress teased the guy and had him wear the device then she teased him to get the info. She did not get what she wanted so she used her the chastity key to get what she wanted as he could not imagine being stuck with the device.

Lady Stefanie had a landlord who was a pain in the ass and she had to take care of him. She had tried to talk to him as a mature person but he did not change and so she had to take drastic measures to handle the situation. That is why she used her chastity key to do it. The mistress teased him and got him to wear a dick lock and he could not get it off as she hid the chastity key. He had a small dick and she used it to tease him. That is how she got him to change.

This slave was new but that did not mean that he would not be punished by mistress Ava. She did not care about what he felt. She was only interested in what she wanted and what she wanted was to degrade him so that he would learn to fear him and to respect him. All in all, she wanted to be obeyed and all her instructions carried out to the letter.

Lady Karame felt that her slave was too slow for her liking and she had to find a way to make him change and become faster. She had tried talking to him but it did not seem to work. So she went ahead to use a different method to make him change and this time she used her chastity device to dominate him and get him to do things her way.

Madame Marissa is a connoisseur when it comes to dick locks and humiliating guys for her own fun. And that is what she was up to today when she used a cock lock to make this guy learn that she was not going to let him get away with being a dickhead. At first she teased him and when she had him where she wanted him, he had to feel her wrath and learn to change his habits.

Madame Marissa tricked this guy to think that she wanted to nail him but it turned out that she wanted to get some information from him. So he agreed to wear her cock cage and immediately realized it was a trap. She hid the chastity key and she asked him what she wanted after she had told him he would not be able to get it off and the guy told her what she wanted to know.

Lady Stefanie had warned her boyfriend against watching porn because it is what leads to his excessive masturbation. She chose to make him wear a dick lock and let him go on watching porn. She hid the chastity key and enjoyed watching how he struggled to jerk off but could not. She loved how porn became meaningless to him now that he could not wax his carrot. She managed to get him out of that habit.

Lady Betty is not your average mistress. She likes to torture guys but she does it in a naughty way. She does not slap or trample like many mistresses do. She prefers to have a little more fun than that. Today she chose a chastity device to humiliate her slave. She got him to wear it then she had fun showing off her tits and her ass to him knowing he would get turned on and hurt himself.

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