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When this mistress needed money, she knew that the best way to get it was to use this guy. So she went out of her way to make him wear a chastity device. The mistress was sure he would not want to keep wearing it and since she would hide the key, he would have to pay her to remove it. That is exactly what she did to the guy.

With her chastity key, mistress Morrigan was able to control this guy. She did not care what he felt. All she did was to have him wear a chastity device which she lied to him would stiffen his dick and he would fuck her hard and give her crazy orgasms. He agreed. But instead of that, it gave her control over him as she hid the keys to the device.

Mistress Gaia had gotten this guy to wear a chastity device. He thought it would all get sexual but it did not. The mistress did not even do much to deny him. After she hid the chastity key, she turned him on with her hot body and when he got a hard on, the chastity device hurt him as it wound tightly on his dick. He forgot about wanting her.

Lady Stefanie had a landlord who was a pain in the ass and she had to take care of him. She had tried to talk to him as a mature person but he did not change and so she had to take drastic measures to handle the situation. That is why she used her chastity key to do it. The mistress teased him and got him to wear a dick lock and he could not get it off as she hid the chastity key. He had a small dick and she used it to tease him. That is how she got him to change.

Mistress Tatjana and her friend wanted to get all the benefits of messing around with this guy without giving him what they received from him. So the mistresses had him wear a chastity device and they hid the chastity key. Thereafter, he was made to lick their pussies and their asses. He had to do it until they orgasmed but the mistresses did not reciprocate what he did to them and in fact he was in pain and was humiliated when his dick tightened around the device.

Lady Stefanie knew that her boobs were a people magnet especially men. And since she wanted this guy to wear her chastity device, she gave him the promise of boob action and he loved it and he did not think twice about it. That is how she took advantage of him and she got him to wear the device. She then hid the key and tormented him for fun as he could not get it off.

Goddess Lena had to find a way to dominate her pay slave because he had not been doing things the way in which she wanted them done. So she humiliated him by making him wear a chastity device and she made sure that he could not remove it however uncomfortable it was and however much he did not like it. It was all in her hands. He never missed to do what she wanted.

When mistress Lola realized that this guy was not all that he had claimed to be, she knew she could not trust him. And that is why she went out of her way to dominate him and have fun at his expense. The mistress turned him into her chastity slave and she had him do the things that the mistress wanted. He was made to wear a chastity device and do all manner of humiliating things.

Goddess Yasemin knew that it was important for her to get this guy to wear a cock lock as she had been paid to make him wear it. She had been paid some good money to do it and she had to deliver and she did. As she turned the guy on with her sexy body and hot moves, the guy agreed to do whatever she wanted and that is how he found himself wearing a cock lock.

Goddess Lena wanted her husband to beg her to open his chastity device. She had used her seductive charm to make him wear it but after he had done so, he realized that it was a trap and that he was now wholly dependent on her sexually because he could not open it or do anything with it other than to pee. She laughed at him and made him pay her to open it.

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