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When this mistress noticed that she was dealing with this guy who did not know how to behave, she had to act in a way that he would always remember. She wanted it to be the kind of action that would make him change. So she used her chastity device to dominate him. She caged his dick and hid the chastity key for her own use. He could only use his dick to pee and nothing else.

This mistress has an amazing ass. She used it to entice this guy and had him wear a chastity device he would not have agreed to wear had it not been for her gorgeous ass. He wanted to fuck her brains out and thought that wearing it would make that dream come true. But it did not as the mistress had fun at his expense. The device hurt his dick as he got a hard-on while she was masturbating in his presence. But he defied his pain and the excitement got the better of him and he had an orgasm without penetration or masturbation.

Madame Marissa loves to dominate guys using chastity fetish because she knows that she can easily get them to wear the chastity device and that she can control them soon afterwards. It also gives her a good laugh and makes her enjoy herself as they struggle to get it off after not understanding what it was in the first place when they wore it. And she also makes money from them as they want it off their dicks.

Mistress Brie was interested in dominating this guy. She did not care what the guy felt and she instead dominated him as cruelly as she could. And she did it with her chastity key fetish. She got him to wear a chastity device and she hid the chastity key and had fun watching how it hurt him when she teased him and he got a hard on. It was a lot of fun for her.

Mistress Brie was pissed at the way her boyfriend behaved. He was not courteous to other people and especially those he considered below him and she did not like that. She had to make him change and she used chastity femdom to do it. He was made to wear it and she teased him to make it hurt him in the process. Then she told him why she did it.

Mistress Mayhem wanted to control her boyfriend and so she turned to chastity control. She used a chastity key to do it and in no time, she had his dick caged and he could not do anything about. The mistress even used her big tits to tease him and when he got a hard-on, he realized that he needed her to remove it for him to do anything with his dick. He regretted and agreed to follow her instructions and her rules so as not to have him dick caged again.

Mistress Ava loves to mess with guys and today she did it with her big tits and a plastic chastity device. She placed it between her tits and she had the guy take it from her tits with his mouth. She then got him to wear it and he was ok with it until she teased him and he felt pain as his dick got harder. That was when he realized he had been played.

Mistress Saida knew that this guy had info she wanted and he had refused to tell her. She had to find a way to get the info out of him so she pretended to be interested in him sexually and from the way she was dressed, he fell for it. Then she teased him and had him wear a chastity device as he did not know what it was. She then laughed at him and hid the key and told him that she would only unlock it if he told her what she wanted to know. He had to.

Lady Naomi caught her boyfriend flirting with other girls and she preferred the sort of punishment that would make sure he would never do it again. So she made him wear a chastity device and she hid the key. She let him get hurt as he got turned on seeing her almost naked. But she did not remove the device despite his repeated pleas to her to do it. He had to learn his lesson and he learned it well.

Mistress Isabella likes to put people in vulnerable situations and then making money off of them. She blackmails them and they have no choice but to pay her for her not to do what she had said she would do. Today she made this guy wear a chastity device and when he had, she told him she would leave him that way and the guy was scared and he told her he would do anything for her not to do that.

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