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Lady Victoria did not want to let her ex continue down the path he was on. She had to find a way to deal with him and the best way for her was to use her cock cage to dominate him. He thought that she was trying to be freaky until he realized what she was doing and then he freaked out but by then it was too late for him.

Mistress Dana loves to have all kinds of fun and today she wanted to make her man wear a chastity device. So she made him play a game she knew was rigged against him and she used it to make him do crazy things for her fun like wear a chastity device. Then she would tease him and he would get turned on and hurt himself in the process as the dick lock did not allow his dick to expand.

Goddess Lena wanted to make some good money from this chastity slave. The guy was taken by surprise at what the mistress chose to do to him. She had taken out her huge dildo and warned that she would use it to dominate him and punish him. He was told that he had to wear a chastity device or else she would cruelly use the dildo up hos butt. He agreed.

Mistress Saida knew that her husband had mad sexy appeal and she did not want to struggle with his faithfulness. To tame him and ensure his fidelity to her, she chose to make him wear a chastity device and she hid the chastity key. The mistress had to get her way and by the time she was done with him, she was sure he would never cheat on her as she had the key.

This guy tried to treat mistress Ava like a hoe and she was pissed. But she kept her cool and she turned the guy on with her big tits and sexy ass. He wore a chastity device which gave her power over him and then she used the power it gave her to dominate him and degrade him. He was shocked and apologized but she did not care. He had to pay her to remove it.

Lady Despina and her friend wanted to try chastity fetish. But it did not work out the way they wanted. They had thought it would be easy but they realized that they had to get the guy to wear the chastity device and that was a tricky subject. After he had worn it, then they actually had fun as they teased him and turned him on for it to hurt him as he got a hard on.

Madame Marissa was bored and the only thing that she could think of doing was having fun at the expense of her slave. That is what she did as she had the guy do what she wanted. The mistress did not hesitate to make him wear a chastity key. In addition, the naughty and sadistic mistress recorded how she humiliated and scared him so that she could watch it later on.

Mistress Gabriela felt that this guy needed to be dominated and that is what she did to him. She teased him with her sexy body and her sexy lips. He thought she wanted to fuck him especially when she told him to wear a chastity device which he confused with a sex toy to enhance performance. He was shocked when it did not happen and he instead was humiliated, teased and denied.

Mistress Fiona wanted to test whether the chastity device she had made this guy wear was working. So she removed her clothes and remained with her bra and a g-string. She then showed off her hot ass as well as her nice tits. The guy was turned on and she took his dick and she played with it while he wore the device. It hurt him as his dick expanded and he could not do anything as he was wearing it. She knew it worked.

Goddess Lena loves to blackmail people and today was one such day. She did not care what the guy felt as long as he did what she asked. She blackmailed him and got him to wear female clothes especially lingerie after which he had to wear a chastity device and she hid the key scaring the shit out of him in the process. He cried before she let him go.

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