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Goddess Lena wanted to make some good money from this chastity slave. The guy was taken by surprise at what the mistress chose to do to him. She had taken out her huge dildo and warned that she would use it to dominate him and punish him. He was told that he had to wear a chastity device or else she would cruelly use the dildo up hos butt. He agreed.

Goddess Lena had to find a way to dominate her pay slave because he had not been doing things the way in which she wanted them done. So she humiliated him by making him wear a chastity device and she made sure that he could not remove it however uncomfortable it was and however much he did not like it. It was all in her hands. He never missed to do what she wanted.

Goddess Lena wanted her husband to beg her to open his chastity device. She had used her seductive charm to make him wear it but after he had done so, he realized that it was a trap and that he was now wholly dependent on her sexually because he could not open it or do anything with it other than to pee. She laughed at him and made him pay her to open it.

Goddess Lena loves to blackmail people and today was one such day. She did not care what the guy felt as long as he did what she asked. She blackmailed him and got him to wear female clothes especially lingerie after which he had to wear a chastity device and she hid the key scaring the shit out of him in the process. He cried before she let him go.

When goddess Lena found out that her slave was addicted to masturbating, she knew it was time for her to do something about it. So she did not waste any time in using her chastity device to make him stop. She first of all had him jerk off as she trampled him with high heels and she made him do it until he came although it was difficult. Then she made him wear a chastity device and he could not do anything with his dick except pee. It was torture for him.

Goddess Lena wanted money from this loser and when she did not get it, she knew it was time for her to force the loser to give it to her. She used the chastity key to get it. She teased the guy and she made him think that she wanted to fuck him and she was being naughty. He wore the cock lock and thought it would be fun but he was shocked when it hurt him as his dick got hard. She only helped to remove it when he gave her the money.

Goddess Lena had managed to make this guy wear a dick lock and she knew that it was going to be easy for her to mess with him. So she took out her cigarette and she smoked it while she played with his dick lock. She then tried to turn him on to see how hurt he could get when his dick expanded and struggled to get contained in its cage.

Goddess Lena is a control freak and she is all about control. That is what she wanted today and that is what she got. She felt that this guy had to be hers and hers alone so she made him wear a chastity device so that he would not be temped to cheat on her. She knew he would only have space to pee and she was fine with it.

Goddess Lena knew that she had leverage over this guy and that is why she chose to ask him to lick her high heels as well as the soles. She knew that it was a take it or leave it sort of situation. She pretended as if she was going away and he begged her to go back. She did and he had no choice but to lick her feet and shoes so as to get the chastity key.

Goddess Lena does not have boyfriend issues. But her friend had and she wanted her help. She asked her to help her and the mistress agreed to help her. Goddess Lena asked the mistress to bring her boyfriend to her house and she would do the rest. When the mistress came with the boyfriend, the mistress forced him to wear a chastity device and the chastity key remained with the mistress.

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