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Lady Stefanie was interested in dominating this guy and the best option available to her was to use her chastity device to do it. She did not bother thinking too much about it and she made sure that she humiliated him in a way he had never expected for it to happen. He wished things had been different but for now, he had to wear a dick lock and she hid the chastity key rendering his dick almost useless.

Mistress Valentina wanted to try something she had not tried before as she had the time on her hands to do it. So she went online and as she searched, chastity femdom got her excited and she wanted to try it. It was a lot of fun as she researched further and she knew that she wanted to try it. So she went and bought a chastity device and a chastity key and plotted how to use them on a loser.

This mistress had this guy wear a chastity device and then she hid the chastity key. She then used her ass and her underwear to tease him and turn him on. As he got a hard-on, he was hurt as the chastity device did not have an allowance for an expanding dick. He could not believe what was happening to him but he had no choice as he was between a rock and a hard place.

Mistress Dana wanted to control this guy and she eventually did it. She managed to convince him to wear a chastity device and she locked it. Once he had worn it, she knew her work was done as she now controlled him. He realized this when he tried to get it off. It did not work and he had to do what she wanted and that is how she controlled him.

While other mistresses use the chastity key to dominate and control their men, mistress Morrigan uses it to have fun with him. They both love delayed released and that is why she used the chastity key on him. He loved how she teased him and had him beg to be released and then given the cookie. She was also turned on seeing his desire for her and they made passionate love afterwards.

Goddess Nika wanted to test the efficacy of the chastity key. So the mistress waited until she was pissed by her boyfriend then she got him to wear the chastity device. The mistress then made him watch as she pleased herself by rubbing her clit and playing with her tits. The mistress enjoyed seeing how he was hurt when he started to get a hard on. He struggled to remove it but she had hidden the key.

This guy thought he was the best when it came to playing girls but it caught up with him today when goddess Mel had to punish him to teach him a lesson. The mistress used her chastity fetish to humiliate him and also injure his pride a little so as to bring him down to earth and get him to change. He was not only dominated and humiliated, but he also felt pain too.

Mistress Dana needed to use chastity device to get this guy to submit to her. She had tried to use other methods but she was not very successful. Now she came up with it and after teasing him a little, he agreed to put it on. And after he had done so, she teased him even more by showing off her hot ass and her tits. The dick lock was painful on him and he could not remove it as she had the chastity key.

This mistress wanted to use her chastity key to make some money and the best way she knew how to do it was to use it to blackmail him. She used her sexy charm to make him wear it but when it came to removing it, he had to pay her to give him access to the key so that he would remove it. Otherwise, he was going to get hurt and wear it for a long time.

Princess G wanted information and she wanted it asap. She did not have time to waste. The guy did not cooperate with her and she had to find a way to get the information out of him. The mistress used her hot body to tease him and get him to relax. Then she got him to wear a chastity device then she hid the key and let him remain with it. He was scared and he gave her the information in exchange for the key.

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