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Mistress Gaia always likes to have her way and that is what happened today. The mistress wanted this guy to learn to obey her because she felt that he did not. And she did not want to beg him to do so. The mistress instead turned to her chastity device which she had him wear and she hid the chastity key before she enjoyed making fun of the guy and making him agree to do things her way.

Mistress Yara was out to tame this guy and she did not hesitate to do so. All that she wanted was to have the guy wear the device and for her to hide the key so that he would not have it easy unlocking it. The mistress had a great time at the guy's expense and she made sure that it all happened her way. She managed to tame him.

Lady Stefanie knew how much this guy loved to use his dick. And she knew that the best way to dominate him was to use the chastity key fetish. So she bought a chastity device and she made him wear it. She went ahead to hide the key and she made sure that she let him get humiliated and in pain before she asked him to give her the info she wanted.

Mistress Claudia had to tame her husband because she felt that he was going to misbehave and she did not want him to do that. So she forced the husband to wear a chastity device before he went anywhere without her and especially when he went out of town for work. She was safer knowing that he would not use his dick for anything else other than peeing. And she had the key.

Mistress Zephy wanted to scare this guy and so she used her chastity femdom to do it. The mistress ensured that the guy was not only tied up, but that he was also made to wear a chastity device. The minute he found out that it gave control over his sex life to her and he could only pee with his dick, he got scared and he begged her to open it.

Mistress Zephy wanted to give this guy the experience and orgasm of a lifetime. That is why she chose to make the guy wear a chastity device before she facesat on him. She turned him on and slowly licked his dick which was tightly caged in a chastity and it gave him a powerful orgasm as she facesat on him and had her wet pussy on his face and her mouth on the top of his penis.

Lady Karame felt that her slave was too slow for her liking and she had to find a way to make him change and become faster. She had tried talking to him but it did not seem to work. So she went ahead to use a different method to make him change and this time she used her chastity device to dominate him and get him to do things her way.

Mistress BlackDiamoond wanted her ex to suffer a little bit so she made him wear a chastity device. And once he had worn it, she went ahead to tease him and she had a great time teasing him and making him have a hard-on which she knew would be painful for him as his dick would not have anywhere to expand to. He cried as that happened and he begged her to open it for him but she did not.

When goddess Lena found out that her slave was addicted to masturbating, she knew it was time for her to do something about it. So she did not waste any time in using her chastity device to make him stop. She first of all had him jerk off as she trampled him with high heels and she made him do it until he came although it was difficult. Then she made him wear a chastity device and he could not do anything with his dick except pee. It was torture for him.

Mistress BlackDiamoond wanted her friend to learn more about chastity femdom because it was a good way to tame someone whether a slave or a boyfriend. She also did not want to be the only one among her friends who was good at chastity femdom. So she invited her friend lady Alice to her house and she showed her how it was done and let her have a go at it.

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