Lady Loana was worried that her rich and handsome boyfriend was a magnet for girls. She knew he could easily for temptation and cheat on her. To avoid that happening, she bought a chastity device and she got him to wear it. She forced him to wear it as he did not want. She kept the key and she only opened the device when she wanted them to have sex.

Goddess Saffron wanted her boyfriend to wear a chastity device. She did not trust him because he had broken her trust and he was yet to earn it back. She was going away for a girls night out with her friends and she did not want him jerking off or even fucking another girl. She forced him to wear the device and she took the key to make sure he did not do anything.

Mistress Tiffany had a bitter argument with her man. She had caught him cheating and she was about to dump his ass. He cried and begged her not to dump him. He promised to do anything to make sure she kept her and gained her trust. She forgave him but she made him wear a chastity device but she kept the chastity key to make sure he would never cheat again.

Mistress Ava makes a living selling chastity devices and chastity keys. She knows a lot of girls would like to control their men and she offers a solution to that. She provides them with a means to control their man and to ensure they remain faithful. They lock the devices and keep the keys. They only allow them a small room to use in peeing. They cannot even get boners as it would be painful.

Princess Serena loves to tease because it makes her feel powerful. But she knew that her new man was weak and he could not avoid temptations from many women. She was traveling for work but she did not want to take him with her. So she ordered for a new chastity device that she got him to wear. She then went with the chastity key to make sure he would not open it and fuck anyone while she was away.

Lady Alice had ordered a brand new chastity device. She wanted her man to wear the device because she did not trust him while she was away. She was going out of town for work and she did not want other girls riding his dick while she was away. So she made him wear it and she hid the chastity key. She would open it when she came back from her trip.

Mistress Ava Black wanted to teach this girl how to contain her man. She had complained that her man was not faithful and she did not want to share him with anyone. So mistress Ava showed her how to use the chastity key. She showed him how to hide it to and also how to make him wear a chastity device. The mistress was happy to learn that and she went and used that knowledge.

Goddess Nika was horny but this guy did not satisfy her. She was disappointed in him as he had managed to have his fun at her expense. She could not stomach that and she had to do something about it. She forced the guy to wear a chastity device and she hid the key. She then teased him and tortured him as he got a boner.

Lady Krasaviza was not going to do any of the things that her slave wanted her to do. She did not like the fact that she was being given instructions by her slave when in fact it was to be the other way round. To put the slave in his place, the mistress forced him to wear a chastity device and she threw away the chastity key. She then turned him on and tortured him.

Mistress Tiffany loves to do things her way. When she does not get her way, she sulks and she finds a way to humiliate and torture the person who stood in her way. Today it was this guy who had stood in her way. She used a chastity device on him and she forced him to wear it. She then teased him and she laughed as it hurt him when he had a boner.

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