This mistress had this guy wear a chastity device and then she hid the chastity key. She then used her ass and her underwear to tease him and turn him on. As he got a hard-on, he was hurt as the chastity device did not have an allowance for an expanding dick. He could not believe what was happening to him but he had no choice as he was between a rock and a hard place.

Mistress Dana wanted to control this guy and she eventually did it. She managed to convince him to wear a chastity device and she locked it. Once he had worn it, she knew her work was done as she now controlled him. He realized this when he tried to get it off. It did not work and he had to do what she wanted and that is how she controlled him.

Lady Stefanie made this guy wear a chastity device. But removing it was almost impossible as she hid the chastity key. The mistress watched as he tried to remove it in vain and he had to beg her to do it. The mistress realized that he was panicking and getting more and more desperate. So she did what she does best and she blackmailed him in order to give him the chastity key.

Madame Marissa was bored and the only thing that she could think of doing was having fun at the expense of her slave. That is what she did as she had the guy do what she wanted. The mistress did not hesitate to make him wear a chastity key. In addition, the naughty and sadistic mistress recorded how she humiliated and scared him so that she could watch it later on.

Mistress Valentina loves to torture as well as humiliate and today was not an exception. She used her chastity key to torture as well as dominate. She enjoyed making this guy do what she asked and when he did not, he knew it was time for a punishment from her. It happened in a naughty manner as the mistress wanted to make it as naughty as she could be able to.

Missy Van Licks and her boyfriend are a naughty couple and love to try all kinds of things. They wanted to try chastity fetish and so she came with a chastity device and had him wear it. She hid the chastity key and did some naughty things to turn him on. He loved it and was super turned on but he could not free his dick from its cock cage and had to beg her to do it.

While other mistresses use the chastity key to dominate and control their men, mistress Morrigan uses it to have fun with him. They both love delayed released and that is why she used the chastity key on him. He loved how she teased him and had him beg to be released and then given the cookie. She was also turned on seeing his desire for her and they made passionate love afterwards.

Mistress Valentina wanted her man to beg for the chastity key that she had in her hands. She had made him wear a chastity device and he loved how naughty she was. But she did not go all the way and he was left with the device which he could not remove. He could not use his dick for anything other than peeing. She had fun making him beg for it.

This mistress was tired of how her man asked her to be more kinky in bed. He watched porn and he wanted her to do what he saw there. She decided to do it today. So she bought a strapon and a chastity device. He was made to wear the device and she facesat him before she dipped her pussy in his hard cock but only briefly before removing it and fucking the dildo that was attached to his face. He loved what she did but he wanted her to ride him which she did not do.

Mistress Saida wanted to try things she had never tried before on this guy. That is why she teased the guy and she had him think that she had some insane and naughty things to do with him. But it turned out that she was just interested in having fun at his expense and did not care about anything else. That is why she chose to tease him with a dildo and then make him wear a chastity device for her to control him better.

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