Goddess Nika wanted to test the efficacy of the chastity key. So the mistress waited until she was pissed by her boyfriend then she got him to wear the chastity device. The mistress then made him watch as she pleased herself by rubbing her clit and playing with her tits. The mistress enjoyed seeing how he was hurt when he started to get a hard on. He struggled to remove it but she had hidden the key.

To make sure that her boyfriend behaved well, this mistress used her chastity femdom to scare him. She told him that she would make him wear the chastity device and that she would hide the key. To avoid that he had to behave well and avoid doing things that pissed her off. He was shocked at what she was ready to do and he behaved the way she had told him to.

Goddess Mel felt that this guy did not listen to her and she had to catch his attention if she wanted to pass the message she had for him. So the mistress used her chastity device to do that. He wore it thinking it was a kinky device for them both to enjoy but he was shocked when she locked it and she hid the key and used it to pass on her message as he was now attentive and wanted her to remove the device.

Mistress Isabella likes to put people in vulnerable situations and then making money off of them. She blackmails them and they have no choice but to pay her for her not to do what she had said she would do. Today she made this guy wear a chastity device and when he had, she told him she would leave him that way and the guy was scared and he told her he would do anything for her not to do that.

Lady Rockabella got this guy to wear a chastity device and once he had, she had a great time torturing him for fun. Because all the control was with her, she used the control she got on him to make him do things her way. She had everything she wanted from him and that was when she let him go by giving him the chastity key which she had hidden to blackmail him.

Lady Anja is a control freak and she loves it when people do what she says and what she wants. She loves to be bossy and that is what she did today. She had to find leverage over this guy and that is what she did as she made this guy wear a chastity device. He thought it was the key to her panties but he realized it was meant to dominate and control him.

Princess Serena knew that she needed to get some info and especially some secrets from this loser and she did that by forcing him to tell her everything she wanted to know. The mistress did this after she had made him wear a chastity device and then let him know what exactly it was and what it did. He was scared of not using his dick again and he told her.

Goddess Lena had managed to make this guy wear a dick lock and she knew that it was going to be easy for her to mess with him. So she took out her cigarette and she smoked it while she played with his dick lock. She then tried to turn him on to see how hurt he could get when his dick expanded and struggled to get contained in its cage.

Goddess Mel was interested in making this guy who had a sweet dick to only fuck her and that is why she teased him and she got him to wear a cock controller. As he wore he dick, he did not know what he was getting himself into. It was after she had fucked him but after wearing it, she hid the key and he had to wait until she wanted to fuck again.

Lady Karame was asked to help tame this guy as he was a serial cheater. She agreed and she made him wear a chastity device. And she remained with the key. He went away and he could not unlock the device as he did not have the key to it. So he had to keep off sex until she opened the device for him which she did a month later.

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