Mistress Zephy made this guy wear a chastity device and after that, she did not fear him as she controlled his sexuality. He had thought that the mistress was going to have fun with him but he was shocked to learn that he was just a toy to her and she had fun making him suffer. He had to lick and smell her feet and pantyhose while he wore the chastity device.

Goddess Lena wanted her husband to beg her to open his chastity device. She had used her seductive charm to make him wear it but after he had done so, he realized that it was a trap and that he was now wholly dependent on her sexually because he could not open it or do anything with it other than to pee. She laughed at him and made him pay her to open it.

Mistress Zephy wanted to give this guy the experience and orgasm of a lifetime. That is why she chose to make the guy wear a chastity device before she facesat on him. She turned him on and slowly licked his dick which was tightly caged in a chastity and it gave him a powerful orgasm as she facesat on him and had her wet pussy on his face and her mouth on the top of his penis.

Mistress Zephy forced this guy to wear a chastity device and she then facesat on him and had fun riding his face as well as rubbing her pussy and her clit on his face. She had fun, got wetter and wetter and she came while doing that. He was turned on but he was getting hurt because the chastity device was tight and it hurt him as he had a hard on.

Mistress Gabriela felt that this guy needed to be dominated and that is what she did to him. She teased him with her sexy body and her sexy lips. He thought she wanted to fuck him especially when she told him to wear a chastity device which he confused with a sex toy to enhance performance. He was shocked when it did not happen and he instead was humiliated, teased and denied.

Mistress Fiona wanted to test whether the chastity device she had made this guy wear was working. So she removed her clothes and remained with her bra and a g-string. She then showed off her hot ass as well as her nice tits. The guy was turned on and she took his dick and she played with it while he wore the device. It hurt him as his dick expanded and he could not do anything as he was wearing it. She knew it worked.

Mistress Brie was interested in dominating this guy. She did not care what the guy felt and she instead dominated him as cruelly as she could. And she did it with her chastity key fetish. She got him to wear a chastity device and she hid the chastity key and had fun watching how it hurt him when she teased him and he got a hard on. It was a lot of fun for her.

Mistress Brie was pissed at the way her boyfriend behaved. He was not courteous to other people and especially those he considered below him and she did not like that. She had to make him change and she used chastity femdom to do it. He was made to wear it and she teased him to make it hurt him in the process. Then she told him why she did it.

Mistress Brie loves to do things that other people do not even know about. She had a chastity key which she used to dominate her husband. She felt that she would lose him if she did not use it as he was too horny for her. And she did not want him to cheat. So she made him wear the chastity device and she hid the key. She would only let his dick free when he was with her.

This guy was a serial cheater and mistress Deviant felt sorry for his wife. She flirted with him and he fell for her. She then got him to wear a chastity device thinking it was part of their foreplay, but after he had worn it, she hid the chastity key and she had fun humiliating the guy. And she told him she would never remove it as he would end up cheating.

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