Mistress Tiffany wanted to baby proof her man's dick so she used a chastity device to do it. She knew it would work well so she went and bought a few and she she settled on one which she then made him to wear. Her boyfriend had been lied to about the dick control and he wore it happily until he realized what its intentions were. She hid the chastity key and he could not get it out. She laughingly told him that he would only use his dick to pee but anything else required her permission.

Goddess Yasemin knows how to tease. She can flight and use her naughty look, sexy lips, perky tits and her nice ass to make a guy do whatever she wants. She got this guy to wear a chastity device she had for him and she told him there was a reward waiting for him. The guy agreed and soon found himself in pain as she flirted with him some more and his dick bulged but there was no room for expansion in the dick lock.

Lady Krasaviza felt disrespected by this loser and she had to teach him who was boss. He had to learn his lesson and learn it the hard way. So the mistress carefully plotted how to deal with him and she chose to use her chastity femdom humiliation at the start. She would implement the rest as she went along. So the mistress took him to a remote area and she tortured him using a chastity device which he was forced to wear while he was naked.

Mistress BlackDiamoond is a jealous person. She does not like sharing her man with any other girl and to make sure he did not cheat on her, the mistress forced her new boyfriend to wear a cock lock. He was shocked at what she asked him, but her sex was great and he loved how she took care of him. In addition, she turned him into a human ashtray and he had to do as she asked.

Lady Karame was tired of being asked by her friend for advice on how to deal with her philandering husband. The mistress showed her friend how to deal with such a guy and she told him to watch and learn so that she did not go crying to her to ask what to do to her husband. The mistress then went ahead to lock the guy's dick using a chastity device. She told her friend that it was meant to keep the guy faithful as she was the only one with the chastity key and the only thing he could do without her was to pee.

Lady Anja loves to hide behind her beauty to dominate and have fun at the expense of guys who are gullible enough to fall for her crazy experiments. She wanted this guy to try chastity femdom so she made him wear a chastity device and the poor guy did not know the trouble he had gotten himself into as she hit the chastity key and she teased him to get him to have a hard-on while wearing the dick lock.

Princess G learned about chastity femdom and she wanted to try it. Before she used it on her boyfriend, she wanted to use it on a random guy and see how effective it would be. So she teased this guy who had a crush on her and she made him wear a chastity device. She hid the chastity key and turned him on. She had fun watching how the chastity device hurt his boner.

When it comes to dominating guys for fun, this mistress takes the honors. She wanted to try all the fetishes out there. The mistress started with making this guy wear a cock lock. She teased him and hurt him with the dick lock, which only had space for him to pee. The mistress then used some nipple clamps on him and she pulled them to hurt him as she wished.

Goddess Amira told her boyfriend she was going to make all his fantasies come true but he had to wear the chastity device she had for him. He wore it expecting many things from her but he was shocked when it turned out to be a hurtful thing. For starters, he could not get it out as she had locked it. Then she teased him and as he got a hard-on, he got hurt as there was no room for it to expand.

Goddess Lilith was pissed by how her boyfriend was easily aroused sexually. She invited her friend he had not met and they lied to him that goddess Lilith had found someone for a threesome. But before that, he was made to wear a chastity device and he wore it gleefully. And then they used it to humiliate and punish him. His dick was to be taught a lesson using the chastity device. They hid the chastity key.

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