Lady Betty is not your average mistress. She likes to torture guys but she does it in a naughty way. She does not slap or trample like many mistresses do. She prefers to have a little more fun than that. Today she chose a chastity device to humiliate her slave. She got him to wear it then she had fun showing off her tits and her ass to him knowing he would get turned on and hurt himself.

Lady Stefanie saw this chastity device and she knew she had found a way to torture this loser. She had a lot of fun humiliating him with it. She could tell he had never been punished using the dick lock and she laughed her head off at his reaction. She lied to him that she would crush his balls and his cock and destroy his seed and he peed himself.

Mistress Jenny has a great ass. She was spanked by this guy and she was so infuriated that she resolved to teach him a lesson. She did not know him and she did not understand why he would spank her like that. So she flirted with him and he fell for it. She invited him back to her place but instead of having fun with her, she caged his dick and she had fun torturing after hiding the chastity key.

Lady Meli does not like to keep grudges. She prefers to get even with whoever pisses her off. So she used a dick lock on this guy when he pissed her. She wanted to lock it and then tease him so that his dick would tighten on it and hurt him. She thought it through and then actualized it. She had a lot of fun doing it and she especially enjoyed the look on his face.

Mistress Tiffany is one of those people who do not punish someone until they have a reason. She waited patiently till her slave messed up and she then had her chance to punish and humiliate him. She chose to use a chastity key to punish him. The punishment was worse than the crime committed but she did not care. She teased him after she had made him wear a chastity device. She laughed at him as he felt pain. Instead of forgiving him, she used a vibrator on his balls.

Mistress Ava Black is a kinky girl. This guy knew it and he was prepared to do some dirty things with her. But he did not remember he had pissed her and had not apologized or made amends. She tricked him into wearing a chastity device and she then teased him and got him to feel pain because of the tight chastity device. She had hidden the chastity key as he begged her to open it.

Princess Serena has a great ass. She loves to use it to teach. She is a naughty girl and she likes cruel things. She wore a bikini and she used it to tease this guy. She showed off her hot ass and then she made the loser wear a chastity device. She laughed at the guy when he felt pain when he got a hard-on. She hid the chastity key and let him wear the device for a while.

Madame Marissa caught her boyfriend flirting with another girl and she humiliated him cruelly. She surprised him by using a chastity device and a chastity key. She got him to wear it and when he was done, she sat back and she teased him. She then laughed as he was hurt as he got a stiffy. She told him she would hide the chastity key until he learned to stop flirting with other girls.

Lady Stefanie is a cruel girl. When this guy messed with her, she immediately undressed him and she forced him to wear a chastity device. He expected her to do something different to him but she instead tortured him with the device. She then teased him and got him to have a hard-on. The device was tight on his dick and he felt pain as he got the hard-on. But that is what she wanted and she did not bother using the chastity key to open it.

Lady Betty had just made her man wear a chastity device. She laughed at him as she watched him struggle to remove it. She even went outside and sat by the water in their front yard. She enjoyed the view knowing that she now had total control over his sex life as he could not do anything sexual without her. It was painful for him to even have a hard-on.

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