Goddess Nika wanted some of the money she knew this guy had but would never give her. She did not bother asking as she knew he would never give any of it to her. She did not want to borrow either as she knew the answer. That is why she chose to blackmail him and she did this after she had teased him and flirted with him and gotten him to wear a dick lock. She hid the chastity key and blackmailed him to open it.

Lady Stefanie knew that her boobs were a people magnet especially men. And since she wanted this guy to wear her chastity device, she gave him the promise of boob action and he loved it and he did not think twice about it. That is how she took advantage of him and she got him to wear the device. She then hid the key and tormented him for fun as he could not get it off.

Madame Marissa was asked by her friend to help her deal with a cheating boyfriend. She asked her friend to dump the cheater but she did not want to. So she asked her to use a chastity key to control him and she was interested. So she gave him a chastity device which she had to put on him after which she would hide the chastity key until she decided it could come off most of the time being when they were together.

Mistress Dana had a chastity device which she used on people who pissed her off. This guy did and he had to be punished. She hid her chastity key and she made sure that she humiliated and dominated him to the fullest extent possible. He tried to cry but she could not hear of it. She laughed at the guy and knew she had gotten through to him and he would never anger her or disappoint her again.

Mistress Nica was owed money by this guy and she was so mad at him that she took matters into her own hand and she forced him to give her back the money. The mistress used her chastity device to humiliate him and tame him. And since he was not able to use his dick for anything else other than to pee, he had to pay her to make her remove the device.

These mistresses managed to make this guy agree to wear a chastity device. And then the mistresses went out of their way to turn him on and let him get hurt by the chastity device. He tried to get it on but could not as they had hidden the chastity key. He was humiliated and he regretted why he had done what he had done. He wished that he had never met the mistresses.

This mistress used her charm to get this guy to wear her chastity key. She had teased him and gotten him to think that she was into him and that she was going to make him have the time of his life. But it did not work like that and he was shocked and scared when she used the chastity device to dominate him and to control him. It turned out to be easier than she thought.

Mistress Gaia did not want to face opposition in her quest to have this guy wear a chastity device. That is why she facesat on him and she ensured that he choked a little. Once he was scared of her, the mistress had no doubt that he was going to do things her way and that he was going to wear the chastity device like she wanted him to do.

Goddess Lena had to find a way to dominate her pay slave because he had not been doing things the way in which she wanted them done. So she humiliated him by making him wear a chastity device and she made sure that he could not remove it however uncomfortable it was and however much he did not like it. It was all in her hands. He never missed to do what she wanted.

Lady Despina was desperate to control her boyfriend because she did not want to lose him to other bitches. So she used every means at her disposal to control him so that she could have him to herself. That is how today she chose to try chastity femdom. She had him wear a device and when he had, she hid the chastity key knowing she controlled his sexuality and so he would not cheat on her.

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