Lady Tanja wanted to gain total control over her boyfriend's sex life. She did not want to share his dick with anyone else. She did not even want him to masturbate without her permission. So she got him to wear a chastity device. It only had where to piss but he could not do anything else without her permission. She had fun watching him get hurt when he had an erection and she would tease him so that he got one.

Mistress Ava Black had time to spare and she used it to humiliate this guy. She made him wear female clothing and even hair. She then got him a chastity device but kept the chastity key. She went ahead to flirt with him and to tease him. She made him get a hard-on but the harder his cock got, the more pain he felt because of the device he was wearing.

Princess Serena has an ass to die for. She loves to flirt and to tease with it and today she did it to torture her boyfriend. She knew he had a thing for her ass and he got an immediate erection when he thought about it let alone see her gyrate. She had made him wear a chastity device earlier and she was teasing him so that he could get an erection and get hurt by the device.

Mistress Jenny and her friend lady Stefanie wanted a threesome with this guy. But he did not satisfy them. They were pissed off at how he had raised their hopes for nothing. The mistresses had to punish him so that he never did that again. They chose to use a chastity key to make sure he did not have sex for a few months. They made him wear the device but they kept the key.

Lady Stefanie had warned her boyfriend against watching porn because it is what leads to his excessive masturbation. She chose to make him wear a dick lock and let him go on watching porn. She hid the chastity key and enjoyed watching how he struggled to jerk off but could not. She loved how porn became meaningless to him now that he could not wax his carrot. She managed to get him out of that habit.

Lady Shay was pissed at how often her boyfriend masturbated. She wanted to put a stop to it and she did it cruelly. She had tried to talk to him but he did not listen to her. She therefore went and bought a dick lock. She made him wear the chastity device and hid the chastity key. She made sure he would not get access to it and watched as he struggled in vain to jerk off.

Mistress Tiffany Naylor was traveling away for work and she did not want her boyfriend to cheat on her while she was away. She knew he loved sex and since she was going to be away for a week, she did not want to worry about him fucking other girls. She made him wear a chastity device that only left him with room to pee. She went with the key.

Mistress Ava Black and her boyfriend had an argument about how he loved flirting with girls. She did not like it and she felt like he would cheat on her. To put the matter to rest, she gained total control over his dick by making him wear a chastity device. She, however, made sure that she lept the chastity key safe so that he would not open the device and fuck someone else.

Lady Ayse loved her boyfriend's dick. It was so sweet that she did not want to share it with any other woman. She did not want to be worried all the time about it either. So she did something about it. She chose to make him wear a chastity device. But she kept the chastity key so that she controlled how he used his dick. She only let him have room to pee.

Princess Serena has an ass to die for and she knows it. She likes to take advantage of it to do various things. Today she felt like using it to try chastity fetish. She had a lot of fun teasing him and she got him to agree to wear the chastity device. Once he had worn it, she had a lot of fun humiliating him and enjoying seeing him get hurt as he got a hard-on.

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