Goddess Nika was afraid that this guy would cheat on her so she did what she does best and she made sure he would not do it. She used her chastity fetish to do it. He was made to wear a chastity device and she hid the chastity key so that he would not have any use for his dick apart from peeing. He was shocked when he knew the purpose of it but he could not say a word.

Lady Rockabella did not even have to entice her husband to wear a chastity device. She had taught him to be obedient and he was obedient to her today. The mistress then taught him how to wear a chastity device and he wore it after she was done instructing him how to go about it. For being a good boy, she teased him a little the way he liked it.

Lady Anja had gotten her husband to wear a chastity device and she had a great time torturing him. He could not do anything to his dick and it was also painful as it expanded since the dick lock was not very big. She had hidden the chastity key and he could not find it. So he was at her mercy and she had a great time seeing him in that state.

Mistress Ava and her friend wanted to compare notes on chastity fetish in order to find out the best ways to use. They also wanted to find out what did not work so that they did not waste their time. And since they always loved to make it practical, they got a loser and they had fun dominating him with the chastity fetish and trying out those things they discussed practically.

Princess Serena had some unfinished business with her ex. And much as she was done with him and she did not want him back, she knew she had to do some things to him to get full closure. So she used her naughtiness which he had a weakness for to make him wear a chastity device. And she used it to dominate and control him after she hid the key.

Goddess Lena is a control freak and she is all about control. That is what she wanted today and that is what she got. She felt that this guy had to be hers and hers alone so she made him wear a chastity device so that he would not be temped to cheat on her. She knew he would only have space to pee and she was fine with it.

Mistress Isabella did not want her slave to bring girls to her house when she was not around since she traveled a lot. So she used her chastity fetish to make sure that never happened. The mistress got the loser to wear it and then she teased him a little knowing he would get turned on and be hurt by the device as his dick got hard. She laughed at him and hid the key.

This guy thought he was the best when it came to playing girls but it caught up with him today when goddess Mel had to punish him to teach him a lesson. The mistress used her chastity fetish to humiliate him and also injure his pride a little so as to bring him down to earth and get him to change. He was not only dominated and humiliated, but he also felt pain too.

Lady Shay got her boyfriend to wear a chastity device and he thought it was fun for them and would make their sex life great. But he soon realized it was a control tool for her as she used it to control his sex life and also to make him do things that she wanted. She only removed it when she wanted to fuck him herself. Otherwise it stayed on.

Lady Anja was tired of her boyfriend cheating on her so she made him wear a chastity device. So she hid the key and then laughed at him as she now knew he would not do anything with it besides peeing. He tried to beg her not to throw away the keys but rather give them to her and open the device but she laughed and made fun of him.

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