Lady Nightfrozen froze this guy's sexual activities so as to have him submit to her will.The mistress wanted to make sure he would never forget to follow her instructions and that is why she made sure that the punishment was total. The mistress used her chastity device to control him and send a message that if he did not submit to her, he would never have sex again. He had to submit.

This guy is a compulsive cheater and his girlfriend wanted it to stop so she talked to mistress Tiffany and her friend to get help in handling him. She did not want to lose him. So the mistresses got down to work after she had taken him to them. They undressed him and made him wear a chastity device and they gave her the key to keep so that he would never use his dick for anything other than peeing without her permission.

This mistress is a control freak. She was afraid that this loser would cheat on her and she was not going to let that happen. So she went ahead and she got him to wear a penis lock. She had the chastity key for it and she hid it where he would never find it. He could only use his dick for sex whenever she was present otherwise it was only for peeing.

Madame Marissa was angry at her boyfriend to the point that she did not care how she punished him. All that mattered to her was that he learned his lesson the method notwithstanding. So she used a chastity device that she had. She forced him to wear it and then she teased him so that he would get hurt when he had a hard on. It was painful for him and that was what she wanted.

Lady Karame did not like how this guy loved sex so much that she could not keep up. She had to find a way to regulate it because she did not want him to get it from outside or even satisfy himself by jerking off. So the mistress went ahead and she made this guy wear a chastity device and she hid the chastity key and only let his dick out when she felt like fucking him.

Lady Bunt wanted to have fun trying out something with a chastity device. So the mistress looked for a gullible guy and she got him to wear a cock lock after she had lied to him that it was sexy and a turn on for her. After he wore it, the naughty mistress teased him and she laughed at him as he got hurt when he had a hard on.

Lady Stefanie was told to punish and control this cheating guy because he was a serial cheater and she did it because she did not want him to continue to be a source of hurt and pain to others especially those who loved him. She got him to wear a chastity device and she gave his girlfriend the chastity key so that she could control how he used his dick.

Mistress Lisa knows how painful wearing a chastity device is. And she knew that if she did not do it in a charming and naughty way, no guy would agree to wear it. So the mistress went ahead and she got the guy to wear it after she had told him it would turn her on. When he wore it, she threw away the keys and then teased him and turned him on. It was painful as his dick could not fit in the device as it expanded.

Princess Serena knew this loser had never worn a dick lock before and she wanted to use it to humiliate him. The mistress lied to him that it was going to make him a stud and they would have a lot of fun as a result. He agreed but he knew it was a trap immediately he had worn it. She locked the chastity device and she hid the key then she watched as he helplessly tried to remove it. To make it worse, she teased him with her super gorgeous body and he got hurt as he got a hard on.

Mistress Ava Black felt that the best way to dominate this guy for her own fun and enjoyment was to use a method that he had never had used on him before. The mistress used the chastity key fetish to do it. It was cruel and she had a great time humiliating him. The mistress got him to wear the dick lock and he felt pain any time he got an erection. She did her best to turn him on and watch how he would feel pain.

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