This mistress commanded her slave to wear a dick lock and he did it happily as he thought it was a sexual game they were playing. Then he realized what it was after he had worn it and she had hidden the chastity key. He got pissed and scared as he could now not do anything with his dick except just to pee. She made fun of him before she went to her room.

Mistress Dana needed to use chastity device to get this guy to submit to her. She had tried to use other methods but she was not very successful. Now she came up with it and after teasing him a little, he agreed to put it on. And after he had done so, she teased him even more by showing off her hot ass and her tits. The dick lock was painful on him and he could not remove it as she had the chastity key.

Lady Rockabella wanted to make this guy wear a chastity device and she knew that if she did not entice him, he would not do things her way and as a result, it would be difficult for her to get him to wear the chastity device. So the mistress worked on her naughty teasing and flirting. It did not take long before the guy agreed to do what she had told him and then he instantly regretted it.

Mistress Ava had used a chastity device on this guy and she sat back and enjoyed as he cried asking for it to be removed. She had another one on her hands and she lied to him that she was going to place on top of the one he had. He cried and she laughed at him. His tears were real and she felt pity. She removed it but she told him he owed her a favor.

Goddess Lena knew that she had leverage over this guy and that is why she chose to ask him to lick her high heels as well as the soles. She knew that it was a take it or leave it sort of situation. She pretended as if she was going away and he begged her to go back. She did and he had no choice but to lick her feet and shoes so as to get the chastity key.

Goddess Belle had managed to get this guy to wear a chastity key. She was sure that he would not survive a few days with it and she was right. He begged her to open it for him but she refused. When the mistress saw that he was growing more and more desperate, she got him to pay her so that she would be able to give him the chastity key.

Mistress Emily wanted to get revenge on her boyfriend. And that is why she chose to do what she did. The mistress felt that she needed to do something which would hurt him without her touching him. So the mistress sweet-talked him into wearing a chastity device and when he did, she teased him and enjoyed how he was hurt and she fun of him as he was in pain.

Goddess Yasemin had managed to convince this guy to wear a chastity device. He had assumed it was a device that was going to give him sexual pleasure, but he was shocked when it turned out that it was in fact doing the opposite. He realized this when she turned on him and had him get a hard-on. He was in a lot of pain as his dick did not function as normal.

Mistress Cat wanted this guy to wear a chastity device so that she could dominate him and have fun at his expense. But she knew it would not be easy to do it so she had to use her sexy charm to convince him to wear it. And once he had worn it, she had a great time teasing him and torturing him knowing he was at her mercy. She loved it even more as he begged her to unlock it using the chastity key.

Lady Karame did not want this randy guy to get too excited. She wanted to contain him and the best way she felt she would do it was to use her chastity fetish. She went ahead and got him to undress and she had him wear her chastity device. And after he had worn it, she hid the chastity key and used that fact to control him and get him to behave.

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