Lady Alice does not trust her boyfriend and to make her feel better and trust him, she had to make him do something crazy. He wanted her to trust him so he agreed to whatever she wanted even though he did not know what it was. The mistress asked him to wear the device and he was shocked to find out that he could not do anything with his dick except pee unless she allowed him.

Princess Serena wanted to degrade this loser so she did it with her chastity device. She used it to gain total control over him and force him to practice chastity. The princess laughed at how scared he looked and how he begged her for mercy. She ignored him and went on doing her thing so that she would achieve what she set out to achieve when she set out to punish him.

Lady Nightfrozen did not want anything bad to happen to this loser. That is why she chose not to use any painful method to punish him. But she chose to make him wear a chastity device so that he could not use his dick for anything other than peeing. She laughed at him and she got him to get a hard on so that he could get a little hurt.

When she felt like their values were not aligned, this mistress chose to make her boyfriend wear a chastity device so that she would be sure of what he was doing all the time as she had the key. The mistress's pussy is fire and that is why she teased him before she had him wear it. She knew he would not resist her and that is why she used that method.

Mistress Ava got her boyfriend to wear a chastity device and she locked it and hid the key. He was now her bitch and she had complete control over his sex life. He had been trying to show her how he would not be controlled by anyone but she had now shown him that she could control him and she just did. She eve threatened to do much more to him.

Lady Karame scared the shit out of this guy. She knew what she wanted to do to him but she felt it would be better if he did it himself. She wanted him to wear a chastity device so she made him wear it by himself instead of her putting it on for him. He was so scared of her that he actually did it as she watched while smoking.

Mistress BlackDiamoond and her friend wanted to mess with this guy as they had nothing better to do. So they went ahead and they made him wear a dick lock. He did not have a say in the matter and had to do what they wanted. The mistresses then hid the key and had fun degrading him including making him wear a dress. They played with his balls in order to get him to have a hard on so that the penis lock would hurt him.

Mistress Anfisa has a disarming smile and she used it today to get this guy dominated and humiliated. She wanted to try chastity femdom and she did it by disarming him and his built up defenses using her smile. He found himself doing all she asked and she wanted. And then after he wore the chastity device, she hid the key and she messed with him and laughed at him.

Princess Serena had asked this guy to wear a dick lock but he did not. She did not like the fact that he had refused a direct order and she had to do something about it. So she resolved to punish him and she did it by whipping him. The whipping was to also make him agree to wear the dick lock. She did not want to tease him to get him to wear it. He wore it after the whipping.

Princess G wanted information and she wanted it asap. She did not have time to waste. The guy did not cooperate with her and she had to find a way to get the information out of him. The mistress used her hot body to tease him and get him to relax. Then she got him to wear a chastity device then she hid the key and let him remain with it. He was scared and he gave her the information in exchange for the key.

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