Princess Serena was not amused to learn that her boyfriend liked to sext with many different girls. She thought she was the only one but she was shocked to learn that he did it regularly with many women. She was offended and as punishment, she made him wear a chastity device and she took the chastity key and she hid it where he could not access it. To teach him a lesson, she turned him on and she enjoyed watching as the device hurt him as he got a boner.

Princess Kitty wanted to ensure her man remained faithful to her. She did not want him cheating on her for any reason. So she took a chastity key and she put it away safely after she had used a chastity device on him. She did not care how painful it was for him. All that mattered was that she had his dick locked up and she was the only one with the key.

Mistress Ava Black has a good ass and good tits. She gets a lot of male attention but there was a particular she was interested in and that she wanted to humiliate. Luckily, he was also interested in her and that worked in her favor. She teased the guy and he fell for her trap. She then got him to wear a chastity device and she used it to torture him and humiliate him.

This mistress was excited to have fun with this loser. She was excited when she realized he had a big dick. He also knew how to use it and she did not want anyone else to ride it or be fucked by it till she was done with it. So she used a chastity device on him. She locked it using her chastity key and she hid the key so that he would never find it.

This slave loves to use her chastity device for fun. She likes to find random guys and then make them wear it. She pretends it is for fun but then she teases them while they are wearing it and she watches them get hurt by it when they have a boner. She loves to torture them and when she finally lets them go, they do not even want sex with her. They just want to get as far a way from her as possible.

This mistress did not like how her boyfriend was horny almost all the time. She had to do something and she did it cruelly. She went out and she bought a chastity key. She wanted to make sure he was up to no mischief. She teased him and he fell for her trap then she made him wear the chastity device. She then hid the key and she made him stay like that throughout the day.

Goddess Amira loves a good cock. But she is a selfish girl and she does not like to share it. She prefers to have it to herself and that is why she has the chastity key. Whenever she gets such a dick, she likes to lock it using a chastity device and remain with the key. That way, she is guaranteed that she is the only one riding it and enjoying it.

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